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To be eligible to apply to a FEPA membership, a company must have an abrasive or an abrasive-related production plant in Europe.

Categories of Membership

Direct Members

Abrasive Manufacturers with a plant in a European Country with or without an abrasive national association with a European sales turnover of over 30 million euros.

Direct Members play an important role in FEPA strategic evolution with seven (7) seats on the Management Committee, the decision-making body of the Federation. With a larger pool of experts, they have traditionally formed the core of FEPA technical expertise on standardization.

Individual Members

Abrasive Manufacturers with a plant in a European Country with or without an abrasive national association and less than 30 million euros in European sales turnover.

Individual Members are crucial to maintain FEPA’s balance between high-level, long-term work and the reality of the market on a technical, social and economic level. A considerable force within FEPA membership, the European abrasive industry is strengthened by the participation of these small and medium companies in the Federation’s activities.

Associated Members

Companies, members of the abrasive supply chain with a production plant in Europe.

Any European company, member of the abrasive supply chain can apply for membership. Their involvement in FEPA meetings will provide them direct access to their customers and the opportunity to bring a new expert perspective to the technical work.

Benefits of FEPA Membership

Participate in the standardization work by attending the bi-annual technical commission meetings: review of the EN and ISO abrasive (bonded, coated, grains, superabrasives) standards

Be informed of the impact of HSE regulations via FEPA HSE commission and actively work on HSE issues: cBN, diamond, naphthalene, cobalt, formaldehyde and many others

Receive weekly news on the abrasive industry addressing themes such as sustainability, safety, standards and HSE topics.

Be eligible to become a SEAM (Sustainable European Abrasive Manufacturer) program​

Contribute and receive statistics on the European abrasive market (bonded, coated, superabrasives)​

Benefit from a discounted rate on technical documentations, references for Quality Managers, R&D Directors and Sales Executives working for companies within the supply chain

Do you have a national association ?
For abrasive companies producing in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, or United Kingdom, join the national association in your country. You will have access to all FEPA services and your association.

To become a member of a national association, contact it directly.

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