FEPA Safety

Creating a structure where abrasive end-users are provided the maximum conditions for safety.

The safety of abrasive users is framed by multiple safety tools, often misunderstood to be only for professionals. The results of FEPA work is creating a structure where abrasive end-users are provided the maximum conditions for safety.


Compliance with EN Standards for all End-Users

Abrasive EN Standards are European product specifications to ensure the highest users’ safety. The products marked with EN need to respect the parameters specified in the standards and be tested accordingly.

FEPA members send experts to FEPA technical commission meetings to develop and review the standards. Even though the standards are to be followed on a voluntary basis, it is a granted that all abrasive manufacturers, members of FEPA, sell products compliant with EN Standards.

One-Pager Safety Information for all End-Users

Abrasive products not compliant with EN standards are easily identifiable by checking the markings on the products.

Developed by FEPA experts, a one-pager safety information lists the required markings to guide end-users in the selection of abrasive products marked EN. In addition, basic safety recommendations are included to guide end-users in using the products in the safest way possible.

Safety Codes for Professionals

FEPA safety codes are based on the EN standards and are the safety best practice for all abrasive professionals. The information given in these documents forms the basis of any safety training program.

Training for Professionals

All professionals using abrasive wheels shall be properly trained. FEPA recommends for all businesses using abrasives wheels to select an accredited organisation for employee training.

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