FEPA Welcomes New Associated Member, NanoDiamond Products DAC (NDP)

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NDP eyes sustainability, a key factor in its decision to join FEPA

Paris, France – FEPA, the Federation of European Producers of Abrasives, today announces its newest member: NanoDiamond Products DAC (NDP), a manufacturer of industrial  diamond and cBN products for use in a wide range of industries, from cutting and polishing stone, to precision grinding for automotive, aerospace, electronic and medical applications.

Mr Tuffy, co-founder and CEO of NanoDiamond, said, “We are delighted to become the newest member of FEPA, particularly as we look to participating in the technical elaboration of ISO and EN standards related to superabrasives.  More than that, we also look forward to promoting sustainability and responsible production, which is today more than ever before, an industry imperative.”

Indeed, NDP is particularly interested in enrolling in the SEAM program, a FEPA initiative that provides a path for abrasives manufacturers and members of their supply value chain towards more sustainable production, supply and distribution systems.

“The addition of NDP to our FEPA membership provides a technical and strategic diversity that the Federation needs to modernize its value proposition. It also confirms the righteousness of FEPA’s move towards a socially responsible sustainable production,” stated Jan Cord Becker, CEO of Hermes Abrasives and President of FEPA.

About FEPA

Founded in 1955, FEPA, the Federation of European Producers of Abrasives, represents 90% of the European producers of abrasive products: world leaders, small and medium-sized companies.

FEPA is committed to its members and its mission, which aside from representing the European abrasive industry, is to promote abrasives produced in Europe, inform members on the evolution of the regulatory framework in Europe and worldwide, support producers with a range of technical, legal and scientific services, and anticipate future challenges in the abrasives sector.

About NanoDiamond Products DAC

NanoDiamond Products DAC was founded in 2009, to provide nanodiamond powders for use in industrial applications. It subsequently branched out into a full range of superabrasives covering all sizes from nano- and micron-sizes, to mesh sizes and monocrystals up to about 2-3 mm.

The NanoDiamond Products team takes pride in leveraging its >100 years of industrial diamond experience to care for its customers, through a comprehensive and competitive offering of quality superabrasives, excellent customer service and technical expertise.

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